Complete Technology Suite for Food Delivery Restaurant Business

  • Make your customers order directly from your restaurant website & app with fully customized and user friendly interfaces.
  • Manage menu & offerings all by yourself with just few clicks.
  • Realize online revenues through fully integrated leading payment portals.
  • Automate Order Management, Delivery Dispatch, Real-Time Delivery Tracking & Marketing Campaigns to Scale your Restaurant Business.

For Dinners

  • Help discover new restaurants of choice.
  • User friendly App.
  • Very convenient way of satisfying taste buds.
  • Great customer service.

For Restaurants

  • Awesome technology to manage the orders.
  • Its presence everywhere.
  • More orders, more customers.
  • Customer reviews to improve know what you are.


RedRhino is an enabled platform using cloud based technology for integrated security system and visitor management solutions. This system considered all viable situations, circumstances and probable security issues that might potentially occur in daily life while performing Security and Property Management.

A smart and convenient security solution provides real-time communication between users and security staff in tracking of all kinds of visitors and material movement, parking management, child safety and handling of incident management including panic alarms.

Equipped with an intuitive real-time analytics dashboard that gives insights in the decisionmaking process and allows administrators to efficiently maintain the community’s database and helps in reducing manual mistakes and expedite secured visitor movement.

RedRhino provides your security staff the ability to quickly screen visitors, workers, and delivery persons entering your affluent residential neighbourhood. RedRhino is focused on removing and improving upon the frustrating, unsecure and outdated paper and manual systems that we are often still exposed to on a day-to-day basis.

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B2C PORTAL : Online grocery store

While ecommerce powered ventures are growing rapidly, only those offering impressive website features along with value will sustain and become big brands. With that in mind, our researchers studied the business model along with website features of established online grocery stores and came up with this detailed post carrying improvement areas for upcoming and newly launched stores.

An customizes online grocery shop aims at delivering the best quality grocery items directly to customer’s doorsteps & have the ability to order products from the company’s website.


B2B PORTAL : Upscale Your Business

Cloud-based software built for e-commerce

Beautiful themes that are responsive and customizable.

You have complete control over the look and feel of your website, from its layout, to content and colors.

The portal includes products that assist in the operations of automobile retailers. These products can assist with both front- and back-office tasks and may provide tools for inventory, cost calculation, financing, and authorization—for both cars and customers.

A single dashboard to view real-time business health report and customizable reports allows you to grow and accurately merchandise what your shoppers want most.

online showroom